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Latest Matches
Mens A Singles 7/22/14 No. 5 Andy Bonifas defeated No. 9 Matt Miller 6-2,6-4
Mens B Singles 7/22/14 No. 13 Stanley Cernosek defeated No. 18 David Taft 5-7, 7-6,6-3
Mens B Singles 7/22/14 No. 10 Onkar Walavalkar defeated No. 36 Mannes Neuer 6-4,6-1
Mens B Singles 7/22/14 No. 16 Josh Yi defeated No. 26 Owen Chang 6-1,7-5
Mens B Singles 7/22/14 No. 44 Mark Salazar defeated No. 23 D Skyler Garner 6-3,6-2
Mens B Singles 7/22/14 No. 8 Yang Wu defeated No. 42 Sean Kenesson 6-1,6-1
Mens A Singles 7/21/14 No. 2 Will Millar defeated No. 12 Jeff Ducharme 6-3, 5-7,6-4
Mens B Singles 7/21/14 No. 44 Anup Agarwal defeated No. 46 Chuck Spaulding 7-6,6-3
Mens B Singles 7/21/14 No. 11 Jin Chang defeated No. 8 Onkar Walavalkar 6-1,6-1
Mens A Singles 7/20/14 No. 9 Andy Bonifas defeated No. 5 Brian Danielson 6-2,6-2
Exhibition 7/17/14 Robert West defeated Shelly Galles 6-2,7-5
Mens B Singles 7/19/14 No. 8 Arun Chippada defeated No. 47 Adrian Fajardo 6-1,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/19/14 No. 1 Sonny Chun defeated No. 12 Greg Goodwin 6-4,6-2
Mens B Singles 7/19/14 No. 9 Onkar Walavalkar defeated No. 24 Craig McKernan 6-0,6-2
Mens B Singles 7/19/14 No. 13 Stanley Cernosek defeated No. 42 Anup Agarwal 6-4,6-2
Mens A Singles 7/19/14 No. 2 Bruce Leonard defeated No. 3 Mike Marek 6-3, 4-6,7-6
Mens A Singles 7/18/14 No. 1 Scott Johnson defeated No. 9 Nick Allen 6-2,6-3
Mens B Singles 7/18/14 No. 20 Matthew Ruscha defeated No. 43 Anup Agarwal 4-6, 6-4,6-2
Mens B Singles 7/17/14 No. 3 Konstantin Surkov defeated No. 5 Arun Chippada 6-2,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/17/14 No. 46 Anup Agarwal defeated No. 42 Wei Chen 6-3,6-1

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Tour Activity
Danniel challenged a player July 23, 12:17 pm
Danniel challenged a player July 23, 12:16 pm
Danniel challenged a player July 23, 12:15 pm
Danniel visited the Players Gallery July 23, 12:12 pm
Greg is looking for a match July 23, 11:58 am
Greg visited the Players Gallery July 23, 11:53 am
Will visited the Players Gallery July 23, 10:39 am
Anup visited the Players Gallery July 23, 10:07 am
Greg visited the Players Gallery July 23, 9:52 am
Andy rated a player July 23, 9:35 am
Latest Challenges
Danniel challenged Chuck
Mens A Singles | Wednesday, July 23rd | Kirkland , WA

Danniel challenged Catherine
Mens A Singles | Wednesday, July 23rd | Kirkland , WA

Danniel challenged Lori
Mens A Singles | Wednesday, July 23rd | Kirkland , WA

Clara challenged Barbara
Mens A Singles | Tuesday, July 22nd | Edmonds , WA

Clara challenged
Mens A Singles | Tuesday, July 22nd | Edmonds , WA

Matthew challenged David
Mens B Singles | Sunday, July 20th | Mukilteo , WA

Owen challenged Onkar
Mens B Singles | Sunday, July 20th | Sammamish , WA

Players Looking to Play Right Now

Wednesday, July 23rd

Anybody want to play at Tennis Center Sandpoint today at 5p? Summer prices are $10 each for 75 min., either league or non-league, match or just hitting.

Tuesday, July 22nd

I'm looking for a match this Friday at 3:30pm at Lower Woodland or Ingraham HS. email me at Thanks, Matt

Tuesday, July 22nd

Looking to play a match tonight, or hit and play a set or two. Shoreline center, text 206-291-8915 if interested, thanks

Tuesday, July 22nd

Looking to play hard-hitting baseliners, but will play anybody. Available on short notice. Prefer earlier in the day or afternoon. If you're a B, you probably haven't played me, if that helps. Usually play Wallingford, Green Lake or North Seattle.

Tuesday, July 22nd

Can anyone play at the UW upper courts today at 1pm, or tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, or maybe tomorrow evening around 6:30 (if the rain doesn't come). League match, hitting, whatever.

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Racket Poll
Monday, June 16th

lol Babolat was spelled wrong, but besides that i just switched to a Pure Control Tour (2014 model) a few months ago and am loving it :)
Summer Session Signups
Thursday, May 1st

Rankings Posted!

Another week to signup and claim last year's ranking.
So Many New Players
Saturday, April 26th

Joined to possibly find 4.0 players in the Elkton, MD area and make new friends as well.
Summer Session Signups
Monday, March 31st

Signup to the summer sessions

Leagues start May 1st
mens 4,0 team over 18
Tuesday, February 18th

what city?
Aussie Session Signups
Tuesday, December 31st

You can now signup for the Aussie session that runs Jan - April

You can also now connect to FB once logged onto Tennis Tour. This will link your FB picture to your tennis profile.
mens 4,0 team over 18
Sunday, November 3rd

My partner and I are looking for a team to play dbs with.we can also play singles if needed,we live on Eastside both are 4.0 players.
About The League Structure
Saturday, October 5th

About the league structure: Awesome!
For the price of a weekend tournament or a 6 week "season" you can play tennis all summer as much as you can convince others to play.
Of course, its nice to be in Seattle, and when I once tried to set something up in Portland on a trip I was not successful, but that is not the fault of Brent's structure. Sometimes you can even convince a guy to play tennis without keeping score/competing. Its too rare, but again its not Brent's fault.
Change it, leave it the same, just please don't let it go away Brent!(...or do if you're just too busy with family, work etc)
I am only thankful for the tour since it has provided me with the opportunity to find tennis partners then to expand my tennis experience from there. I can't really overstate how great the tour has been for me. Thanks Brent! Enjoy the tennis!
Playoff Win
Saturday, September 7th

I like the match summary Bin

No. 8 Bin Wang defeated No. 3 Jeff Ducharme 6-3,6-7,6-3
It is an 7 hours match feels just like only 3.5 hours. Second longest in my tennis career. Every point is at least 100 shots. Some points are 500 shots. Our neighbor courts has changed at least 5 groups of players. Jeff''s serve isn''t on today. My serve is OK about 15mph which gave Jeff some trouble.
End of Season Tournament
Sunday, September 1st

Playoff Draws Posted
End of Season Tournament
Sunday, August 18th

Playoff Signups Open

Playoffs open to all league players. Must signup to play
Mini Tournament Results
Sunday, August 18th

Mini Tourny Results from Sat 8/17

Mens B Finals
Steve Hovarth defeated Josh Yi

Mens A Finals
Rahber Thariani defeated Chris Reedy

Thanks everyone for playing. Sorry for the shot notice. Great weather and great competition.
About The League Structure
Saturday, August 17th

My comments are for the Seattle A Tour mostly, as that is what I play and know. First, I think the structure is pretty solid, I have played when their was only a ladder system, in which players with losing records would play in the final group. Or players who were in the top 8 would play all of the other top 8 players but not those below, and even if they lost, they still stayed in said group. The point system implemented a few years ago helped with this a lot, as combining points makes things other than the ladder relevant. The point system, as I understand it, does weigh who beats who, and your rank, and even how many times you play. Their is even a strength of victory, etc. So it is a good system, but not perfect.

The problems: As Will said, players will play down and play against players who they know they are going to beat, just for the points. That is fine in my opinion at times, but not consistently. Will's other point talks about playing that same player again many times over the season and accumulating points which is a loophole in my opinion. Getting points for playing the same player in a two week period is a loophole and shouldn't happen either in my opinion.
Josh, I see your point, but remember the competitive league of the is different from just, one can play whoever they want as much as they want outside of the summer or fall league.

Generally, manipulating who one plays and choosing certain players has become a problem. Some players don't players other players to risk a loss, or they are friends and don't want to knock their friends rankings down. Some are ''full'' or unavailable but challenge other players when asked.

Finally, as a parent and one who cannot play often, the summer season is too long (4 months plus playoffs) and it favors those who play more. Now, I think playing should be encouraged obviously. But to what extent? If one plays 40 matches and loads up on cupcakes, they will certainly have a high point ranking, and may finish higher than a player who can only play say 10 times. Thus, if you want to finish high up and you can't play many matches, you have to win most of your matches which encourages, playing down!

My recommendations are 1. SEVERELY (maybe 1 point) limiting the number of points for someone ranked a lot lower than you
2. Capping the number of times one can beat the same player and get any points at 2 or 3. This encourages playing others.
3. Add a strength of schedule component, even if you don't win your matches, give bonus points for playing the higher ranked players often.
4. change the structure completely, have olympic style pool groups and mandatory matches and playoffs at the end. People can play whoever they want on their off day.

Anyhow, overall it is a good site/league with many good people and players. Brent, would you be open to forming a rules committee for next year to implement changes. What does everyone else think? Thanks! Tom
About The League Structure
Saturday, August 17th

If I find someone that I enjoy playing, I would play him as much as I can, sometimes as much as three or four times in 2 weeks period if he is willing to play. Some of favorite matches that I’ve played were with people ranked much lower than me, at least 8 ranks below. Most of the times, I’m grateful for my opponent that I’m actually playing tennis with someone and not just practicing serves by myself or wondering when I’m going to play. Everyone plays differently, and it’s pleasure seeing different style regardless of what their USTA rankings are. Thanks Brent for starting tennistour. Just my 2cent.